The Mouse Town

The Ministry, Musings and Mishaps

from St M's Parish in the Town of Merryworth...

The latest Christian Aid iniative is what has become known as the Big Brekkie in which church and community groups are encouraged to host a breakfast and to invite others to eat with them.

As I couldn't resist getting those mice involved in this year's Big Brekkie, I sent off for a fundraising pack and with the help of the Rev. Suze, we threw open the doors of St M's newly refurbished Parish Hall for a very busy morning of great fellowship, laughter, plates of delicious food and with plenty of yummy eggs courtesy of those girls from St M's...

The Rev. Suze has even persuaded Donald to come in out of the cold and to join us as Angie is off to deliver a Big Brekkie for a mouse who is sadly too ill to join them at St M's this morning.

It would appear that after laying all of those eggs, the girls are in need of some nourishment too!

And on that note and before I help the Rev. Suze with the washing up; I'm off to see if there is a sausage sarnie with my name on it!

Sonjia, ever conscious of her enviable figure opts for a muffin coated in delicious strawberry jam.

Having set aside his spade and trowel after busy few hours working in the Memorial Garden at St M's, Johnnie Hitch arrives for some much needed nourishment...

Mark arrives proudly wearing his favourite football scarf and wastes NO time in selecting what he would like for HIS breakfast!

The delightful Grandpa Joe arrives clutching his Christian Aid envelope...

Come and Eat IF You're Hungry Enough!

Jesus said to them, 'Come and eat.' None of the disciples dared ask him, 'Who are you?' because they knew it was the Lord.
So Jesus went over, took the bread, and gave it to them; he did the same with the fish.
John 21: 12

Throughout his memorable ministry, Jesus made a point of eating with his disciples and even though we all remember the memorable 'Last Supper' on the eve before his crucifixion but did you know that as the resurrected Christ he invited his friends to break bread with him?

The Christian Aid charity has been working passionately to help refugees around the four corners of our globe since the end of the Second World War and over the last 60 years has raised a phenomenal amount of money in what has become known as the Christian Aid Week. 

As a volunteer for a number of years who delivered and then collected those familiar red and white envelopes from door to door in the town where I lived; I have always felt proud to have been a part of this wonderful charity which offers such vital support to so many.

And the Parish of St M's has done it's little bit in the past too - much to the delight of our Mr Madrigal!